Mickey Mouse Party Favors – Tips On Finding The Best Buys

Mickey Mouse party favors are always a favorite with every generation of children. Mickey Mouse is leader of the Mickey Mouse Club. The best Mickey party supplies that you can get online are the following:

The Mickey’s Clubhouse Party Favor Kit is by far the most popular Mickey party supplies kit on the market. You can order as many as you need for your guests. The kit contains the following party goods: one Mickey’s Clubhouse Headband, one Mickey’s Clubhouse Treat Bag, one Sheet of Mickey’s Clubhouse Stickers, one Mickey’s Clubhouse Blowout, one Psychedelic Bouncy Ball. These kits can easily be found online for under $3 each.

The Clubhouse party favors box contains a Mickey https://greatnesspsychedelics.com/ mix-up activity, a Clubhouse sticker sheet, a Mickey Clubhouse blowout, an activity book and 8 jumbo crayons. You can typically buy these kits for under $5 each.

The Mickey party favors value pack represents great value for money and you should be able to easily get one online for under $10. Suitable for up to eight guests, it contains the following: eight plastic treat sacks, eight plastic springs, eight activity sheets, eight kaleidoscopes, eight jumbo stickers and eight spinning tops.

You can also augment and make up your own party favors by buying individual favors. You can buy individual blow-outs, candles and stickers. Also for the deluxe party pack if you are expecting more than eight guests you can buy additional cups, plates, table cloths etc, all branded with official Disney graphics and color schemes.

You can also buy lots of great products to add the finishing touches to your party. These include Mickey Mouse party decorations that include all the members of the Clubhouse Gang (Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto), Mickey Mouse Party invitations and even entire party packs. The ultimate party pack is described below:

The ultimate party favors kit is the Clubhouse Deluxe kit. This kit is a real treat for any Mickey fan and their guests. This massive pack comes with the following for eight, very lucky guests: eight nine inch dinner plates, eight dessert plates, 16 paper napkins, eight paper cups (9 ounces), a 54 X 102 inch Mickey Mouse table cloth, Mickey Mouse candles, a twenty four piece cutlery set, twenty four Red Lake candles, one 18 inch Mickey mouse foil balloon with balloon cup and balloon stick, 18 Mickey party balloons, six crepe paper streamers in red, black and yellow, one each of red, black and yellow 81 inch paper streamers, three 75 inch curling ribbons in red, black and yellow. These kits are around $30 each.

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