A Nu Skin Review (The Skinny on NuSkin)

I have always wondered why I have not been approached by a Nu Skin distributor. I guess I have an invisible anti-mlm shield. Nu Skin is seen everywhere here in Utah where I live. (Even the Utah Jazz dancers are called the Nu Skin Dancers)

My wife wanted to try the Galvanic Spa treatment from Nu Skin to see if it really works. Our good friend and a couple of her family members gave us the entire Nu Skin presentation. I was rather shocked to see my wife’s discovery of positive results. She really likes it. Now I need to buy her one. She is very skeptical on most products to help her face. She claims after one treatment, https://www.proautospa.com/ (on half of her face) that she noticed a big improvement. Her skin was firmer without feeling tight and dry. Her deep forehead wrinkles were noticeably absent but returned a few days later.

In addition to their skin care products, Nu Skin uses breakthrough technology called age-loc. Scientists have discovered internal reasons of aging in the human body. They call these gene damaging sources as super markers. The science of age-lok technology is an on-going story. I would recommend doing some additional research on the science. The Jury is still out for me on how effective these products are. My wife is sold on the spa treatment. Here is my review of Nu Skin:


  1. Nu Skin has been a company since 1984. Longevity is an important element in making sure it will be around tomorrow.
  2. The company has gone public and has had a significant stock value rise in the market recently.
  3. The Galvanic Spa has created a major interest in the wellness industry. Baby boomers and younger generations are going to gravitate to this product in the masses. Both men and women are buying this product solely for its youthful benefits.
  4. Sources of mine have said that to make money in Nu Skin, you had to open up a new country outside of the U.S. The new line of age-lock technology is bringing back a renewed interest to the North American Continent.
  5. Over 400 products to choose from.


  1. Like most MLM companies, recruiting friends and family are heavily suggested. I have found that most people including your friends and family do not have the marketing background to build their down-line. The attrition rate has been reported to be as high as 97%. (Your chances of being a sea turtle in shark infested waters are better.)
  2. There is a monthly auto-ship to maintain, including the supplement gels needed for the Galvanic Spa treatment. This may be the primary reason new recruits in MLM only have a 63 day retention rate. Most customers (buyers) are recruits.

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