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Top Signs Your Resume is Not Working

1. Your phone is still silent.

2. Your resume was made by a machine and your phone is still silent.

3. Your resume is generic. You use one resume for all positions & industries.

4. Your resume shows only your contact info and work history.

5. You are not an executive, yet you have a multiple page resume.

6. Your resume has your picture on it and you are not in Acting/Modeling.

7. Your resume lists reasons for departure from previous jobs.

8. You don’t use great cover letters.

9. You are relying on only a template to make a great resume.

10. You edit & proofread your resume and cover letter in less than 15 minutes.

11. You are selling your valuables on eBay or Craig’s List for cash.

12. You use a mass resume distribution service verses sending great customized resumes.                                               

13. You only respond to help wanted ads and never use cover letters.

14. A prospective employer can Google your name and giggle for hours at the results.

15. You got real creative with your work history. Completely unaware this is easy to verify.

16. You think networking is a functioning Internet connection.

17. You used a mass resume distribution service and your boss is now holding your resume.

18. If your phone is still silent after 3 weeks and you have few if any interviews, stop and get some professional advice.  Even sending out just a great cover letter should land you interviews.

The perfect answer for you maybe a Resume Critique/Review.  That’s right you may be just one phone call away from a boat load of interviews. Today, it is popular for professional resume services to give out free resume evaluations. Now, be prepared to hear frank and honest feedback on what changes to make. 90 out of every 100 folks would be likely to significantly improve their resumes and cover letters.

The resume and cover letter can usually be reworked into highly professional marketing tools to generate enough interviews so you have a choice of employers. Sure a resume writing service will charge you a modest fee for resume renovation or overhaul. But it sure beats continuing down a non-productive path as you eat though your savings week after week. It is really exciting, to hear good news from my clients on how well a “born again” resume and cover letter worked for them. This has happened so much I decided to spread the good news about resume reviews.

If there is any doubt that the general population relies upon professional resume writers heavily for their resumes and cover letters, simply type in: “Resume Services” into Google. The huge number of resume businesses should tell you something. If you are not using a professional resume service, your competition is.

Now, if you have a great resume and had that fact verified by a pro, there may be something sinister at work if you are still unemployed. One serious challenge could be you are stuck in a profession that is adversely affected by the downturn in the economy. Or you could be in a profession that is becoming obsolete due to the competition from the Internet. Perhaps you could even be in a location where there are few opportunities. RI for example currently has the highest unemployment rate in all fifty states at 9%.  I would estimate that at least 50% of the folks I know work in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

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