Month: February 2022

  • The Life Threatening Importance of Healthy Eating and the Balanced Diet

    The amount and type of food you eat has a major influence on your health. Your body needs a range of nutrients to work properly and stay healthy. A balanced diet containing all of these nutrients can help you stay healthy, lean and active. About healthy eating Healthy eating is all about balance. It is […]

  • Lose Weight With Delicious and Healthy Chicken Recipes

    The importance of lean protein in a weight loss diet is a fact most people accept today. This is why foods like chicken and turkey breast are staples in many healthy people’s diets. It is this lean protein that allows a person to lose fat and gain muscle as it helps nourish the body with […]

  • A Heart Healthy Diet

    A healthy lifestyle that helps promote good heart health and cardiovascular function includes a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, fiber, whole grains and low-fat dairy products as well as low-fat sources of protein. We have all seen the “Heart Smart” symbol on packages. Just 25g of soy protein as part […]

  • Aggressive Behaviour Seems To Be Triggered By Early Age Diet

    The fact that diet directly affects behaviour is no news, on the contrary, this reality has been perceived a very long time ago, as the old saying “a man is what he eats” proves. Studies have been performed to ascertain the degree in which this happens. A study of the scientists and researchers from the […]

  • Article Writing Tips

    3 Tips when Writing Articles Do you love to write? Do you want to put those writing skills to good use? Perhaps you want to see your name published whether it be in a newspaper, magazine, e-zine or other forms of publication. Here’s 3 tips to start off your New Year. 1. Brainstorm Once you’ve […]

  • Matrix Web Sites – Scam or NOT?

    While I am not talking about the movie “Matrix”, you may be wondering like many others if Matrix Web Sites are Legal! Before answering this, you may know that there are some wonderful deals offered on the net, that will make you want to jump at it. Keep your shirt on. While you may be […]

  • Advertising on a Budget — Part 1: Using Print to Drive Traffic Online

    PWC is an online resource guide for couples planning theirweddings. Along with a ton of information for brides andgrooms, the site includes a resource guide where localbusinesses can advertise their products and services. We launched PWC in November 2001. Like many start-upbusinesses, PWC didn’t have much money for marketing.Yet we had two major challenges (three […]

  • Casino Bonuses – Getting the Most Out of Online Casinos

    Slots, roulette, poker and blackjack (to name but a few) are played all over the world, from the slot machines in the pubs of Australia to the high stakes poker tables of Las Vegas in the United States. Online casinos are where most gambling enthusiasts are turning for their shot at the pot. But where […]

  • Panama is Hot – A World Class Retirement Haven That’s Ripe For Profitable Real Estate Investment

    If you’ve followed any of the major survey agencies around the world that rate places for retirement, Panama has been on top of the list in many, and for a few years running. So, if you’re looking for a place outside U.S. borders to retire, Panama should be given very serious consideration. Panama has a […]

  • The History of Government and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    Let’s take a look at several thousand years of governmental disarmament of the populace. Of course all the while, the rulers, their guards and armies remained armed. The Founders of America were educated in the classic written histories of our civilization. In fact President Adams and Jefferson among others, studied in numerous languages; Latin, Greek, […]

  • How To Achieve Success With Your Own Money Making Newsletter

    Writing and publishing a successful newsletter is perhaps the most competitive of all the different areas of mail order and direct marketing. You can still publish newsletter through regular mail. With Internet’s help, you can publish your newsletter online. You can reach hundreds of subcribers without costing any postage – it is called eZine publishing.Five […]

  • Blog Subject Ideas for Income From Blogging

    Six Most Popular Blog Subject Categories to Pick from… Many people are hesitant about the income from blogging idea because they want to be able to see the outcome, but they can’t imagine how in the world they can come up with continuous blog subject ideas on a daily basis. I hear that question all […]

  • The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Do

    The wellspring of confidence is belief. When you believe in something, you accept and have conviction about the truth, actuality, or validity of that thing. When the belief is about you, its called self-confidence. Self-confidence is your belief that you can marshal your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources in the successful pursuit of a […]

  • What Is This RSS, XML, RDF, and Atom Business?

    It’s been a long day at work and you’re in no mood to cook dinner or go out. Time to count on the reliable pizza delivery guy. The order is called in and he promptly arrives with smokin’ hot pizza within 30 minutes as promised. If it were only that easy with a picky family […]

  • Using Publicity As A Creative Marketing Tool

    Publicity is an important and often overlooked tool of creative selling; and a more cost-effective way of reaching your target audience than advertising. With the inherent third-party endorsement of the media implied in every editorial story, a news or feature article in a newspaper, magazine, or on television or radio, is an infinitely more credibly-perceived […]

  • Forex Market Behavior – Weekend Gaps

    On Fridays, Forex Brokers close their dealing desks and reopen on the Monday mornings. There are however many countries where the financial institutions are open over weekends and there are also many news, political and financial events that will move the market on Saturdays and Sundays. Because of this the Friday price is often considerably […]

  • How To Read A Food Label

    Many people in the US today do not know how to properly read a nutrition label. If they were able to properly read a nutrition label than they might be surprised at the amount of calories they are eating or the amount salt they are in taking in. They might also be shocked to know […]

  • Time2MakeCash and What It’s All About

    The website for Time2MakeCash is designed to serve as an introduction to an MLM program under CieAura which is company known for developing transparent holographic chips. These so called holographic chips are believed to be capable of assisting our bodies in relieving blockages that sap our energy and maintain a healthy balance of body meridians. […]

  • Women Men Love and Women Men Leave – Which One Are You?

    There are two kinds of women on this planet; women men love, and women men leave. Do you know which one you are? If you fear that you are the kind that men leave, then read on. The good news is that any woman can become a woman that her man will love and adore. […]

  • Health Insurance is Not Health Assurance

    It is unfortunate that we have come to such a time as this. As of July 1, 2007, Massachusetts is the first and only state to require, by force of law, health insurance of every resident. Not only is it legally mandated but penalties will be visited upon the pockets of those who fail to […]

  • A Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle For Teenagers

    Being a teenager, you are faced with so many pressures from school, peers, and even with parents which living a healthy lifestyle for teenagers is quite challenging to generate. However, you should keep in mind which the things you do today will reflect as you age – there are many benefits of a healthful lifestyle. […]

  • Why Do Businesses Fail?

    It is a sad fact that every day in the UK, businesses fail. In fact to be more accurate, in a normal year on average around 50 companies go into liquidation on every business day of the year. During a recession such as in 1992 that figure went up to over 90. And that’s just […]

  • How an Online Business Directory Can Help in Making a Fruitful Online Business Search

    Visibility in the market allows an internet marketing business to be ahead of the game. An online business search makes it possible for you to know how visible your business is in the online community. Including in online business directories can help you achieve visibility and in the process, allow you to gain more clients […]

  • Business Startup – 3 Critical Business Financing Mistakes to Avoid

    If you were to start committing any of the following 3 business financing mistakes too often, you would greatly reduce your chances of long-term business success. And to be a success in business you have to think long-term. Track record and reputation in business is earned over time. A good business track-record is largely judged […]

  • Why Do Small Businesses Fail and How to Beat the Odds

    Most businessmen are alarmed to hear that 80 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years of being started. So why does this happen? The main reason why small businesses fail is poor planning. This includes unplanned business administration, unplanned financial management, and unplanned marketing efforts. Everyone who is thinking about starting a […]

  • The Importance of Business Branding

    “To study a subject best, understand it thoroughly before you start.” Anonymous. This is an excellent approach to business, especially at the beginning. Before you do anything, you must choose your branding, your identity. There are many elements that must be a part of the foundation of your business’s branding. If you lay your foundation […]