Time2MakeCash and What It’s All About

The website for Time2MakeCash is designed to serve as an introduction to an MLM program under CieAura which is company known for developing transparent holographic chips. These so called holographic chips are believed to be capable of assisting our bodies in relieving blockages that sap our energy and maintain a healthy balance of body meridians. They are relatively easy to use and all you have to do is put them on the desired area of your body. There are five kinds of transparent holographic chips that can be purchased which include the CX2, EMF, Pure Energy, Pure Relief and Rest Quiet. Back to Time2MakeCash though, is this a viable business opportunity? Let’s go ahead and take a look. Buy any account

Involving yourself with this particular business opportunity revolves around being an independent distributor for the product mentioned above. You’ll need to complete the online application and buy a business center in order to get started.

There are a couple of ways in which you could generate an income under Time2MakeCash. The first way is to generate profits by enrolling your desired customers which will enable you to earn a 50 percent commission of the normal thirty CSV. Second is profits generated through retail which depends on the price you set on the products. Another way is to generate profits through first order commissions. What this actually means is that you are able to generate a commission out of the first product that your referred customers had purchased. There are more ways to generate a profit out of Time2MakeCash and this includes Global bonus pools, leadership ranks, benefits and rewards.

In terms of expenses there are a couple of things that you need to consider if you wish to do business with Time2MakeCash. First off is the program’s business center which costs $39 and you’ll definitely need it to generate sales online. You’ll also have to consider the minimum monthly order which varies depending on the pack you purchase. This includes the business pack worth $359.99, the home pack valued at $119.85 and the premium advantage pack which would cost you $1438.20. You have the option to sell these products or have it for your own personal use. Considering the fact that Time2MakeCash is an MLM or network marketing program, you can expect to invest additional funds in campaigns such as web hosting and advertising.


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