Women Men Love and Women Men Leave – Which One Are You?

There are two kinds of women on this planet; women men love, and women men leave. Do you know which one you are? If you fear that you are the kind that men leave, then read on. The good news is that any woman can become a woman that her man will love and adore.

If you are serious about your man loving you the way you wished to be loved, then the first thing to do is find out what he needs in a relationship and give it to him. Many women are not prepared to do this because they think that this involves doing everything he wants them to do, whether they want to do it or not.

This is not the answer. In fact, no man who is healthy emotionally wants his woman to be a “yes” woman. Actually, he will find a certain amount of independence and confidence in his woman rather attractive. Rather than a submissive girlfriend, what he actually desires is that she support him and believe in him.

Some women think that if they have sex any time their man wants it, that they are giving him everything he wants or needs. If this is truly all your man wants with you, then perhaps you need to cast your net a little wider. While men do think about sex a lot it is not what they need or even want as a first in their relationship.

Sex is important as it helps two people to connect physically with each other but it is also a bit more than that. It connects two people on a deeper level. However, it is not everything in the relationship, and if your whole relationship is about sex then it will eventually fail, as even a man wants more than just sex.

If there were some reason that sex became difficult or not possible at all, then your relationship would fail if it were based only on sex.

The kinds of women that men leave are actually the ones who endeavor to be everything to him that she thinks he wants. He actually wants to be loved, appreciated and supported. If you do not feel this sincerely then he will know and feel cheated. He wants someone who is real, someone he can rely on and spend time getting to know, and someone he enjoys being around.

You may have been a woman that men leave but you can turn that around. You can choose to be either kind of women, women men love or women men leave. If you want to be the kind of woman that men love then it means learning to understand what your man really needs and wants. However, above all else, be you, he wants to love a real person.




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