Matrix Web Sites – Scam or NOT?

While I am not talking about the movie “Matrix”, you may be wondering like many others if Matrix Web Sites are Legal!

Before answering this, you may know that there are some wonderful deals offered on the net, that will make you want to jump at it. Keep your shirt on. While you may be thinking that this one could be legal, the FTC may be knocking on your door. Let me assure you, when you participate, you had better make sure you KNOW what you are doing.

You are personally responsible for what YOU DO. If you have participated and have your own web site because of some BS that say, this is legal and we belong to the BBC, and look at our ICON at the lower right hand corner, then WISE up. Don’t fall for that. Do your own homework. Don’t take any ones word for it.

The water is very deep, go ahead, jump in head first, you will be okay! Nothing will happen to you. Trust me. I have done it lots of times. Ask any one. I can give you testimonies.

Okay, if it is your LIFE, don’t trust the words on a web site, much less, the words coming from someone that has very little experience.

Internet Matrix Site are like get rich quick stategies that concentrate on selling you a SPOT, in the matrix. Did you get that. Then, you may have a chance at a brand new plasma television, or a computer. More details please visit:-

What makes this so attractable, is the low cost concept, with GREAT RETURNS expected.

Before you go into some deal like this, ask three questions.

1. What is the product or service?

2. Is it as great as the money I am placing in?

3. Is the product guaranteed?

Whoops! No one can guarantee a Matrix right? That means it is a chance. This makes it illegal.

Of course buying a spot makes it illegal. A spot is of no real value. Last, we know that the value is not there.

The good news is, if you are lucky and get in first and get out fast before the FTC catches you, you can get some fast cash. That’s not for me.

Be Aware, if you participate, you will lose. Over 200 sites were shut down since May.

Just my 2 cents!

Good luck till next time.

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