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Animals make the headlines today for many reasons. The problem is that animals tend to make the news for the horrible and unthinkable things that happen to them. In every state across the United States and every country across the globe atrocities happen to animals great and small everyday. We have covered news stories involving dogs and cats as well as assorted types of animals being stared to death, beaten to death, burned with acid, inhumanely executed in addition to countless other ways. We have written stories about animals that were killed for the fun of it by the sickest of individuals and by accident by the ones who loved them the most. But, with all of the negative headlines that animals are involved in, there are a number of animals that make the news for wonderful, heartwarming and humorous reasons.

Many dogs and cats can says that their owners would not be alive if it weren’t for them. Dogs and cats have called the police when their owners were in trouble and in need of medical help, dogs have waken the owners up to let them know there was a fire in the house and still others have been the driving force behind helpful laws being enacted to help make the world a better place to live. Below I have placed one of my favorite articles I have written which highights one of the many happy reasons an animal has made the news. I hope that you enjoy it. More details please

Black Labrador Honored as Katrina Hero

At the annual Genesis Awards, hosted by the Humane Society, a black Labrador now called Katrina was honored for her life saving efforts. A New Orleans man who was in trapped in flood waters after the hurricane recalled how the dog helped to get him to higher ground, without her he surely would have drowned. The awards dinner attended by leading animal rights activists granted the dog a standing ovation. Katrina was rescued from a shelter after the man’s story was reported on a local Los Angeles TV station.

Yes, animals have certainly solidified their position in the world today for both the good, as seen above, and the bad. Join us as we explore the world of animal news one day at a time.

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