Credit Card Debt News Finds Consumers Robbing the Card Companies for a Change

There’s finally good news for the credit card debt dilemma millions of Americans are facing. People who can’t pay their card accounts are discovering legal ways out as a necessity and those that have grown tired of 30% interest rates are diligently looking for ways to walk away with the banks money which was actually their money once upon a time.

There is indeed a new movement where savvy consumers are turning the tables on card companies. For many years card issuers have robbed the poor consumers but now there are new Robin Hood’s who are intentionally robbing the rich and keeping the money stolen from them by card companies.

These new modern-day Robin Hoods came into being as a result of the banks imposing debt slavery on the population. Some people started raising their eyebrows back during the bailout when those “too big to fail” took billions from taxpayers and then watched in disbelief as millions in bonuses were awarded to the greedy smiling executives that brought our country to financial collapse.

It didn’t take very long for people to start seeing the light and begin questioning how do these banks and Wall Street insiders get away with murdering our economy and nothing being done about it by our government. It all started a few hundred years ago when bankers decided to rule the world by gaining control of the money supply. More details please visit:-

It’s been one of the best kept secrets until recently when a young constitutional lawyer invited about 100 people to a seminar at the University Of Colorado School Of Law where this historical video put the bits and pieces together making it very simple for anyone to understand.

Even though you know a lot about history, you should be warned about changes that will come in your life. This chin dropping video is going to totally change the way you think. You’re going to get upset with politicians beating around the bush instead of actually fixing the economy. If you’re ready to take the plunge use the search term “the gig is up – money the Federal Reserve and you” and remember you’ve been warned!

There’s one last video from the Federal Trade Commission which you can find by searching “FTC debt video” that’s going to take your new knowledge you’ve learned from the gig and show you how to take money from collectors any time you wish.

Once you understand the simplicity of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act you’ll find these collectors are actually giving away millions of dollars because they mistakenly believe that you are a fruitcake and are afraid of them. You will need a digital voice recorder instead of a bow and arrow.

Voice recorders are even better than Robin Hood’s method of shooting an arrow through their heart and robbing them. The digital recorder is perfectly legal and the only pain inflicted will be in the collectors’ wallet. You’ll get $1000 per violation and you can even have any card amount marked “paid as agreed” in exchange for not filing a lawsuit with your recorded violations.

Some people are earning millions from collectors. You can use search terms like “man wins $1.5 million from collector” or see how one lady struck it rich using “woman sues collector wins $8.1 million” for their stories.

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